Bubba Style…Forever Style Staples

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After an extended (but well deserved!!!!) Christmas break, BATB is back, and my New Year’s mindset is craving an all-encompassing mega cleanse of my body (pilates here I come), my home (disorganised cupboards and toppling piles of unopened mail be gone), and most importantly my wardrobe (bye-bye fair isle knits and Christmas glam, hello beautiful basics!)

This yearly ‘spring cleaning’ ritual forces me to edit, reassess and restock my wardrobe, purging its weary hangers of flash in the pan, one season style wonders, in favour of forever style staples that will anchor my wardrobe all year round, to include key items such as the perfect boyfriend jean and a great Breton stripe top.

This ethos is equally applicable to my mini, and given that now she is a little bit older, her hero items don’t differ too drastically from mine. With that in mind, here’s my pick of the best toddler girl wardrobe essentials, navigating her through this tricky transitional season and beyond in style. Happy new year!

new year style

  1. White Converse Trainers – Office (Click for link)  – £24.99
  2. Washed Denim Shirt – Next (Click for link) – £10-£11
  3. Khaki Parker – Zara (Click for link) – £27.99
  4. Breton Stripe T – Next (Click for link) – £4.50-£5.50
  5. Denim Dungarees – Gap (Click for link) – £22.95
  6. Trench Coat – Gap (Click for link) – £34.95
  7. Grosgrain Bow –Verity Jones London (Click for link) – £3.00
  8. Foil Printed Sweatshirt – Zara (Click for link) – £6.99
  9. Denim Dress – Next (Click for link) – £10-£11
  10. Smile Stripe T – Zara (Click for link) – £8.99
  11. Silver Pumps – Gap (Click for link) – £14.95


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