Bubba Style…Stylish Toddler Boy Christmas Gifts

Yes, I know Santa’s clock is ticking, and that for most of you, Christmas shopping is a distant November memory, but for those of you equally as disorganised/ unsmug/ panic-stricken as me, I couldn’t let Christmas slip by without featuring a Christmas gift guide for the little men in your life. So here’s one for the boys, guest edited by my gorgeous and fabulously stylish friend Lucie (click here for Lucie’s previous guest post). Happy last-minute shopping!


  1. Djeco Arty Toys Ze Pirate Boat – £49.99 – Djeco make some of the best wooden toys around. I love their take on the pirate ship. The characters have real personalities and you can add more to the collection as you go.
  2. The Little White Company Castle Light – £75 – This stylish bedside lamp not only creates a lovely warm glow in any bedroom, but also doubles as a prop for playtime.
  3. Mouche Mobile Big Silver Cushion – £43 – A great statement cushion for an outer space themed bedroom.
  4. Kids Feather Headdress – $79.95 – Ok, I’m sorry this is from Australia, but Kido do ship to the UK. This is the most fantastic present for the boy who loves playing cowboys and indians, it’s the best headdress I’ve seen.
  5. Zara Leather Basketball Boots with Fox Design – £17.99 – I can’t get enough of fox themed kidswear and these trainers really feed my love of this trend, they are amazing!
  6. Blue Pegboard by Block – £25 – £65 (depending on size) – These pegboards are so cool, I love the colours! Block also offer alternative designs such as boards featuring maps and personalised versions.
  7. Labour and Wait Toy Log Cabin Kit – £15 – These kits are made of natural pine that’s been hand cut and painted with non toxic dyes. This product was originally produced in Maine in the 1930’s and still comes packaged in the original box design…this is the real deal! Plus this great brand offers perfect presents for the bigger men in your life too.
  8. Noodoll Wall Hook – £10 each – Really fun little stocking fillers and great for jazzing up a bedroom or playroom.
  9. Next Multi Colour Block Gilet – £14-15 – Love how cool and retro this is, and such a good highstreet bargain too!
  10. Brora Cashmere Star Hat – £59 – You just can’t go wrong with Brora cashmere, their hats are worth every penny! No matter what Leo puts his through, it still looks brand new. Also, it’s so soft I never struggle to keep it on his head. I Love their new design with knitted in stars, plus it has a yummy red bobble on top. What’s not to love?
  11. Maa Shoes Perlite Star Sneakers – £92.50 – I didn’t want to have two pairs of high tops on my list, but I just couldn’t help myself, these all singing all dancing boots are just too good to be true!
  12. Stella McCartney Red Billy Holiday Sweatshirt – £51 – Definitely the coolest Christmas jumper I’ve seen, hands down!
  13. Red Ride On Classic Car by Vilac – £94.99 – I’m not sure if I want this for my son or me. Love the old classics!
  14. Seedling Design Super Hero Cape – £19.99 – I’m so excited by these make your own super hero capes. Watch out nephews, this is what you’re getting this Christmas!
  15. Zara Bear Backpack – £17.99 – This is just too cute! Me and my mum jumped at this when we saw it, suffice to say, Leo is getting this for Christmas.
  16. Dinosaur Splash Suit by Splashsuits – £19.10 – A waterproof onesie that doubles as fancy dress fun, you’ll never have to fight to keep your kids clean and warm again. Puddles, snow, rain, mammoth craft session, do your worst!

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